Black Wedge Pumps

When talking about shoes, most gurl must be very excited. They must want to have a various collection of shoes. Luckily today, there are many types of shoes gurl can have. There are platform, flat, high heels, stiletto, and most popular today, i.e. wedges.

Wedges shoes also have various styles. The most popular one is black wedge pumps. This type of shoes offer comfort, elegance and style. You can select this type of shoes of you want to find comfort. These shoes are suitable for you who want to for formal occasions. However, you can also wear these shoes in a more relaxed occasion, such as shopping to the mall.

black wedge pumps

Even though these models come in various colors, you better select the black one since this color is neutral and you can combine it with any color of cloth. There are also several models for black wedge pumps shoes. You can learn about these models before you decide to purchase one.

The first model is “Sally 2” peep toe black wedge pumps from Tony Burch. These shoes are about $265.00. It sounds expensive, isn’t it? But don’t worry. Although it is very expensive, it’s worth it to spend such a lot of money. These shoes are made of leather with a signature logo medallion right above the area of the peep toe. The heel is about 21/2”. They come in various size, starting from size 9.5. The sole is synthetic, while the upper is leather. Consider this one if you want to buy black wedge pumps shoes.

Another model includes Kelly & Katie Bella black wedge pump with the price of about $39.95. It’s cheaper than the first one above. Thus, it is very suitable for you who have a limited budget for shoes. Though it is much cheaper, you can still have a stylish appearance.