Catchy and Stand Out With Sequined Dresses

If you want to look catchy and stand out among the others, you need to choose the right outfit and accessories. If you are looking for a bit bling-bling appearance but without overdoing it, why not choose the sequined dress? Sequins are beads that come in disk shape models generally used for decorative purpose. In the past, sequins were made of shining metals, but today’s sequins are made of plastic. They also come in various geometrical shapes as well as colors. Not only used in clothing industry, sequins are also used in shoes, bags, jewelries, and other industries.

The great thing about sequins is that they can be stitched to the fabric flat, so they won’t budge nor move. The possibility of them falling off is very small. It is also possible to stitch them in one point only, so they create this dangling effect, making the sequins seem to move every time the wearer moves.

Sequined Dresses

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Because of their shiny surface, sequins are reflective. That’s why you can really shine when wearing sequins – literally. Today’s sequined dresses come in silver, beige, gold, or black. Even in black, you can still look shiny and catchy from afar with this dress.

Sequin dress is available in different length and styles. There are long dresses – reaching the ankles – and short dresses above the knee. Some dresses come in 7/8 length reaching the middle legs, but you need to have lean, long, and killer legs to pull the great looking effect successfully. Some dresses come in sleeveless style, or elegant long sleeves. Some dresses have drapery neck model, while others have V-neck style. Some dresses are fully covered in sequins, while others are covered in partial parts only, for instance, the arms only, the chest area only, or the skirts area.

If you want to have such sequin dress, be sure that the shape fits your figure nicely – it shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. You also need to decide whether the dress should be covered fully in sequins or not.