Makeup for Beginners Crossdresser

Have a party to attend after office to a CD club or just want to look flawless all day and no time or worried to go to the parlour and get your makeup done? This makeup for beginners step by step guide will help you do your own makeup with proficiency. Follow the steps and you are surely going to rock the party!

Step 1 – Apply the moisturizer with SPF

First of all, make sure you use a good moisturizer with SPF 15 at least. Follow it with a good quality concealer where you need it, such as under eye circles, blemishes and pigmentations.

It is advised to try a creamy formula, in a shade that perfectly matches your skin tone. Make sure you choose a shade lighter than your actual skin tone. Apply little stripes of the concealer whenever needed and blend using your fingertips.

Step 2 – Apply the foundation and make it look perfect.

Once you are done with the concealer, pick a high quality foundation and dab it with your fingers, covering the whole face. It is advised to use foundation stick for easy application. Blend the foundation with your fingertips and let it even out. If you still see dark spots, apply another layer of concealer. Dab it onto the problem areas with a pointed brush and blend well.

Step 3 – Now Add Some Blush

Forget shading cheekbones with a powder and brush. It is advisable to try a cream blush to get “glow from within” effect. Apply the blusher only to the apples of your cheeks and blend the color in the upward direction. If you think you have gone overboard, defuse a clown-like situation and apply a bit of more foundation over top instead of it.

Step 4 – Apply Shimmer Eye Base

To get a pro-look, apply a shimmer shadow from lash lines to brow bones with the help of pointer finger. Try copper or silver shade which goes with all attires. If your skin is fair, try silvery-white cream shade. For those having medium to dark skin tones, champagne or copper color should blend well. If you have oily lids, use a primer all over before dabbing the shadow.

Step 5 – Make Your Eyes Pop

Now use bronze or gold cream shadows to give your eyes more depth. Apply the bronze shadow using a flat shadow brush for controlled movements. Use your fingertips to smudge the base over the lids. There should not be any stripes or harsh lines. it should look well blended. It is recommended to use creamy formula to make everything budge-proof.

Step 6 – Do Some Definition

To add more intensity, apply some brown liner on your upper lash lines and smudge in the upward direction with your shadow brush. Now set it with the same powder eyeshadow and finish off with two clean coats of mascara. To give your eyes bigger boost, use the eyelash curler before applying the mascara.

Step 7 – Get Lush-Looking Lips

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If your have dry lips, gently buff them with a damp cloth and apply petroleum jelly based lip balm.

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