Crossdressing Stories

This goes out to all of you young cross dressers and I hope there are many that receive this message. First off, I am a much older man, but from the time I was 11 I knew something was different about me. I did all the guy things, but was curious about girls things. I had the girl friends etc. but still felt odd because I liked the under wear of the females. Now to adult hood, at 17 I joined the army as I had wanted to do from age 7 and I served long enough and then some to retire. In that time frame I was married and fathered 4 children and married for 22 years up to a nasty divorce. I wanted to tell my wife about my inner feelings but she was the type that wouldn’t talk about it, just said something wrong with me. The desire to dress was put into the closet until after my retirement and divorce all within a few months of each other.

Then I was single for a few months and bought clothes, panties, bras dresses etc and only dressed at home. Then I met a lady and in a few months we married. I trashed all of my female things and thought I could do like I had done for the earlier 2o some years, stay in the closet. After 2 weeks I thought I should tell her before our marriage went any farther. When I told her, she seemed to accept with 1 thing, no other woman in my life. I also told her daughter, had to more or less for we had like an open door policy in our home, family could just walk in. I figured maybe 1 evening I would be dressed and she would catch me and not understand. I told her and she said nothing wrong with it.

I joined a support group and was a member for 8 years, my wife went with me to join with the other wives and girlfriends of the other CDs. For some reason after about 8 years for some reason I quit the group and just stayed home but sometimes I would adventure out to stores etc to buy “Vickie” a new dress etc. Over the years I got to feeling guilty or like it was interfering with our marriage and trashed everything “Vickie” had, over $600 worth. Now, about all I do is wear panties all of the time, they are more comfortable than the mens’ briefs, and a bra but only in the home. I have been to the doctors while wearing panties and nothing said and my pubic hair trimmed and nothing said. At 1 point about 15 years ago, I was taking female hormones therapy trying for breast enlargement, no real luck.

Anyway I’ll cut this short. Be proud of yourself and not ashamed and I pray you can talk with your parents about this and that they will accept you and give you the love and understanding you need. I don’t want to see anymore young transgendered people, boys or girls, men or women have to hide the person inside and live a miserable life like I have done. I am now 69 and I wish I could have been the “part time ” female I wanted so much to be and to be accepted. If any of you that get this want to message me, feel free to do so and I will try to help as much as I can for I hope I can help the younger transgendered generation live a happy life. “Pitts Victor”