Different Styles of Velvet Dress

Velvet dress is highly fashionable and sophisticated. Even with the simple cut and style, this kind of dress still outstanding and attractive. The fact that this dress has very silky, smooth, and soft  surface contributes to the comfort as well as the style of the dress itself.

Choosing this kind of dress is simple, as long as you know what to expect. Velvet dress usually comes in shorter length, above the knee, and usually worn as evening gown. However, it is also possible to have long velvet dress which will make you look elegant and classy at the same time. The long dress can come in full velvet design or in partial velvet coverage. For instance, the partial velvet dress can have velvet top with long and silky tulle skirts. It depends on the design and materials combined within the design.

Velvet Dress

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Most people like the shorter dress because it is simple, carefree, and nice. Moreover, shorter length delivers this fresher and younger sense. With lots of styles and cuts, you can really have fun with this velvet dress. If you want to look fun and playful, you can choose the sleeveless dress with drapery cut. The same young effect can be achieved by wearing the sleeveless dress with V neck style.  If you want to look mature and elegant, you can choose the A line neck with long sleeve model. If you want to combine elegant and sexy look, you can have the long sleeve dress with backless design. it is certainly appealing and sassy.

There are also long summer velvet dress with tube tops and drawstring waist model. This long dress is suitable for those with very slim – almost skinny – figure. The loose and baggy model – especially with the drawstring waist – will add volume to the wearer.  All in all, velvet dress can really look stylish with the right arrangement and styling.