How To Apply Makeup For Crossdressers

Crossdressers are people who enjoy displaying and exploring the looks of opposite sex. Different people cross-dress for various reasons. Male cross-dressers often apply make-up to create that feminine look. With appropriate tools and the right order of makeup application, a man can easily accentuate his own features and create a feminine look. Here is more information on makeup for crossdressers.

How to Apply make-up For Crossdressers

1. Remove excess hair

Start by removing all the excess hair on your face. Shaving makes it easier to apply the makeup on the face. If you your hair is particularly thick, use an electric trimmer before doing a smooth shave, or spring for a waxing session. For beginners makeup, remove the facial hair few hours before applying any makeup. This reduces the likelihood of skin irritation.

2. Cleanse, tone & moisturize your face

After removing your facial hair, it’s very important that you cleanse, tone and gently moisturize your face. Let the moisturizer absorb for about 10 minutes. Doing this will make it easier to apply the foundation.

4. Foundation

Use a soft sponge, a make-up brush or even your fingers to apply foundation. For best results, make sure the foundation matches your own skin. Take your time and blend your foundation onto the neck. After applying the foundation, set it with a good powder.

5. Shape your eyes

Depending on look you want to achieve, you can use different eye shadows. Use medium-toned eye-shadow as the wash on your eye lid. After this, apply a darker eye-shadow in the creases of your lid to give an illusion of a bigger eye. If you want, you can add a highlighter to the brow bone. Try bolder colors if it’s a nighttime look.

6. Line your eyes

Once you’re done with eye shadow, it’s time to apply eye liner. Depending on the time of day, use brown or black eye-liner to line the eyes. Brown eyeliner is good for daytime looks, while black eyeliner will do best for nighttime. After applying the eyeliner, use eyelash-curler to curl the lashes. Finish with mascara.

7. Style your hair

Style your hair as close to your head as possible. Use hair clips and a styling gel. Then, don your wig by gently pulling the front and back edges to widen the opening and slip the wig over your head. Make sure you tuck all stray hairs underneath your wig. Pin the wig to your head with more hair clips.

8. Apply lipstick

Apply lipstick, starting from the center of your lips moving outward. Lightly rub your lips together to evenly distribute the lipstick. The lipstick you choose depends on whether its day-time or not. Use bold colors for nighttime looks and natural-looking colours for daytime. Line the lips with a good lip-liner and then apply lip gloss.

The biggest make up mistake crossdressers make is to apply too much make-up. It’s easy to get carried away, so take your time and learn to put on makeup for crossdressers the right way. Remember, makeup is meant to conceal what you don’t want other people to see and highlight what you want them to see. Too much makeup will only highlight everything, including your masculine features.