The Guidance to Wear Polka Dot Dress for Crossdressing

Wearing polka dot dress can really make you look different. you will be stylish and fashionable without too much fuss. But there is some guidance that can help you look even more stylish and chic. Polka dots are truly great to deliver fresh and playful effect, but you really need to know what to do.

Polka dot is basically whimsical and girly and I know that you love the girly things. When you wear a polka dot clothes for crossdressing, there is a certain fresh and cheerful atmosphere around you. Moreover, polka dot is considered a bold print in fashion industry, so you need to be careful about adding accessories when wearing this kind of dress.

Polka Dot Dress

First of all, this kind of dress is suitable when coming in shorter length. Of course you can wear long polka dot dress, but the dots should not be applied to the whole dress; otherwise, it will look so boring and odd. If you use shorter polka dress, you can wear the single piece and the dots can be scattered around the dress. But when you wear the long polka dot dress, it would be better to wear two pieces. You can wear polka dot shirts matched with long plain or patterned skirt. Or vice versa; you can wear simple with no pattern shirt and wear polka dot long skirt.

If you want to use accessories, be sure that they should compliment and complete the dress, instead of competing with it. You can choose accessories with matching colors to the dots. With this uniformed look, the accessories won’t be competing with the pattern of your dress. You should also limit the accessories to the minimum. Wear one or two simple accessories that will enhance the dress. Wearing too much will only make you look cheesy or cheap. If you are able to do this, you can look adorable and stylish with very simple fashion.

Happy Crossdressing Gurls…

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